The co-founders of Bridge18 know firsthand that small carriers are the backbone of the trucking industry freight ecosystem and the US Economy.  

We have experienced the challenges that small carriers must overcome when it comes to managing inventory, ensuring the accuracy of  paperwork and adherence to compliance, and managing day to day operations, while at the same time pushing to get consistent and reliable freight that pays good margins.

Bridge18 was built from the driver’s seat for high-tech, low-tech and no-tech carriers who want to scale their business to secure higher profitability by accessing better loads, driving fewer deadhead miles and reduce idle times.  We believe that on-demand small carrier trucking can be better tailored to both drivers and vehicles to reduce miles driven and increase revenue per load.


“I co-founded Bridge18 to reduce back office and dispatch headaches so small carriers can focus on building their business and earn more money.” 

Govind-CEO / Co-founder